Sales and Delivery Conditions



1- Buyer can refuse the goods according to wrong alloy, dimension, delivery time or production methods etc. which are agreed by order form and buyer can also request the new production according to this damage.

2- If the seller cannot ship the goods on time and if it is possible to save the materials with an air shipment; Trona can decide to organize an air shipment for the customer satisfaction.

3- All the wooden boxes of export goods must comply with the terms of international.

4- If the given price by supplier is CIP, CIF, CF, CPT etc. supplier must pay the costs of freight of between Istanbul and buyer’s country’s customs port. If the agreement was DAP, the delivery conditions will be buyer’s warehouse.

5- If test reports required as UT Control, Hardness, Conductivity, Chemical Analyze etc. supplier must prepare these documents before shipment after the quality control and deliver the goods on time.

6- The supplier is responsible of all production processes (as procurement of raw material, production line, quality control, packaging, customs operations in Istanbul, delivery procedures, relations with transporter agent about CIP, CF, CIF, CPT, DAP.

7- All the return shipment procedures are about supplier’s control.

8- General payment term is cash in advance for starting.

9- Trona Metal is responsible of all sales operations to buyer according to agreed terms on the order acknowledgement.