Is there any disease risk of Copper Beryllium alloy? If yes, what kind of precautions do we have to take?

  • There is CBD Chronic Beryllium Disease risk under the inhalation conditions and it consists of gas respiration.
  • There is any potential risk of Copper Beryllium and it does not evaporate and not react with air, water or soil.
  • Simple ventilating precautions are enough for welding or angle grinding operations.
  • ECB (European Chemicals Bureau) has taken a decision about Beryllium that it is not harmful to nature.
  • Copper Beryllium is a recycled material. There is any restrictive covenant in legislation.
  • VDA and C4E are approved the Copper Beryllium in their documents for purchasing.
  • 2Mg/m3 of Beryllium to hang in the air for 8 hours is admitted in USA and Europe.