Company Profile


We have a good experience in high conductivity copper alloys and aluminum bronzes. Our goods are export to all over the world without any quality problem. We guarantee our products to be free of porosity & imperfections. We can supply the centrifugally casted rings, continuous casted round bars and forged plates, discs in a short period with our high technology.

You will find below our standard processes & testing methods before delivery;

  • Chemical Analyze

  • Dimension Control

  • Hardness Test

  • Ultrasonic Test

  • Penetration Test

  • Physical Analyze (if required)

Aluminum Bronzes & TRONA METAL

TRONA is the candidate about leading Hard Bronze supplier of Stainless Steel Sink, Drawing Industry and Aluminum Bronze supplier of several industries in all over the world. By supporting our quality with just in time deliveries we’ll become the main supplier of sink, kettle, pressure cooker, pot, cooking hob, service tray etc. manufacturers. We can answer all of our customers’ requirements easily by our high production capacity. Approximately 50 tons of our production is ready to use at Sink Industry every month.

High Conductivity Copper Alloys & TRONA METAL

TTrona is a supplier of High Conductivity Copper Alloys as plates mould materials for Gravity Die-Casting process, Round Bars for Aluminum Injection, Rings and Plates for Plastic Injection and Automotive Industry, Discs and Round Bars for Welding Industry. We are supplying our best quality mould materials to major faucet manufacturers, plunger tips to aluminum injection, hanger, bucket and euro pallet moulds etc to plastic injection in all over the world. Our Copper Beryllium Moulds are being used in the several sectors with high satisfaction. All of our pieces are delivered with 3.1B full material certificate to the customers.

What makes us special?

  • Long Life and High Technologic Materials

  • Quick Delivery Time

  • A good correlation of high quality and suitable prices

  • Rough machining with 2mm tolerances to the final dimensions

  • Final machining possibility

  • Both sides working surface quality for sink moulds (if required)

  • Forged material for longer life time for sink moulds (if required)

  • Many items from one shop: hard bronzes and its final machining, welding wheels, welding jigs, bronze bushings for the presses etc…