TRC1 (CuCr1)


TRC1 (CuCr1)

CuCr1 'C-18200'

CuCr1 C18200 Welding Wheel

CuCr1 C18200

Description Of Material

CuCr1 contains; approximately 1% chromium and it has high conductivity and better mechanical properties than pure copper with fairly good conductivity. After forging and heat treating, it is possible to have better hardness and mechanical properties.

Chemical Composition

Cu Cr Be Zr Ni Si Other
Rest 0,3-1,2



Mechanical Proporties

Tensile Strenght (Rm) N/mm² : 320-380
Yield Strenght (Rp 0,2) N/mm² : 230-290
Elongation (A5) % : Min.12-18
Hardness (HB 30) : 120-135
Elastic Modulus : 130 x 10³ N/ mm²

Physical Proporties

Density : 8,96 g/ cm³
Specific Heat : 0,38 j/g.k
Electrical Conductivity : 49-51 MS/ m
Electrical Conductivity (I.A.C.S.) : 76-80 %
Termal Conductivity : 323,6 W/ m.K
Coefficient of Thermal Expansion : 20-100 ºC 17,0 X 10-6 /K
Working Temparature : 500 °C maks.


It uses as resistance welding electrodes, electrode holders and seam welding discs. Current carrying arms, cable connecters, electrical and thermal conducters working under mechanical stresses.

C18200 - CuCr1 Technical Datasheet

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