CuCrZr 'C-18150'

C18150 CuCrZr

Description Of Material

CuCrZr contains; approximately 1% Chromium and 0,1% Zirconium. This alloy has good hardness and high electrical and thermal conductivity after forging and heat treatment processes.

Chemical Composition

Cu Cr Be Zr Ni Si Other
Rest 0,3-1,2 0,03-0,2


DIN: 2,1293 ASTM: C18150 RWMA: CLASS II

Mechanical Proporties

Tensile Strenght (Rm) N/mm² : 350-440
Yield Strenght (Rp 0,2) N/mm² : 300-350
Elongation (A5) % : Min.8-15
Hardness (HB 30) : 100-160
Elastic Modulus : 120 x 10³ N/ mm²

Physical Proporties

Density : 8,96 g/ cm³
Specific Heat : 0,38 j/g.k
Electrical Conductivity : 49-59 MS/ m
Electrical Conductivity (I.A.C.S.) : 70-76 %
Termal Conductivity : 320 W/ m.K
Coefficient of Thermal Expansion : 20-100 ºC 17,0 X 10-6 /K
Working Temparature : 500 °C maks.


It uses as spot welding electrodes, electrode holders and seam welding discs in resistance welding, electrodes for spark erosion, moulds for continuous casting of steel and aluminium, electrical components working under mechanical stress and dies working under low pressure in casting of non ferrous metals.

C18150 - CuCrZr Technical Datasheet

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