CuNi2Si 'C-18000'

C18000, CuNiSi, Plunger Tip

Description Of Material

TRBNS2 contains; approximately 2,4% Nickel,0,6 Silicium and 0,4% Chromium. This alloy gains relatively good hardness, electrical and thermal conductivity after hot forging and heat treatment processes. CuNiSi is Berylium Free and alternative to CuCoNiBe alloy.

Chemical Composition

Cu Cr Be Zr Ni Si Other
Rest 0,3-0,5 2,2-2,6 0,5-0,7


DIN : 2,0855 ASTM: C18000 RWMA: CLASS III

Mechanical Proporties

Tensile Strenght (Rm) N/mm² : 500-700
Yield Strenght (Rp 0,2) N/mm² : 450-600
Elongation (A5) % : Min 5
Hardness (HB 30) : 180-210
Elastic Modulus : 131 x 10³ N/ mm²

Physical Proporties

Density : 8,7 g/ cm³
Specific Heat : 0,38 j/g.k
Electrical Conductivity : 26-28 MS/ m
Electrical Conductivity (I.A.C.S.) : 45-48 %
Termal Conductivity : 160 W/ m.K
Coefficient of Thermal Expansion : 20-100 ºC 17,5 X 10-6 /K
Working Temparature : 480 °C maks.


It uses as plunger tips in Aluminium injection industry to the alternative of CuCoNiBe. It uses also as cooling pins in plastic injection industry to the alternative of CuBe2 and CuCoNiBe. Moulds for casting of non-ferrous material. Chill moulds in casting of brass and bronze material. Due to its good surface quality, homogen and fast cooling rate this alloy has an excelent working performance.

C18000 - CuNi2Si Technical Datasheet

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